COOLA Organic Skincare

COOLA Organic Skincare Protects Your Skin… and the Planet

COOLA, the Californian brand known and loved for its suncare range, is now a one-stop shop for Kiwi’s beauty routine needs with the launch of COOLA Organic Skincare; a natural skincare range designed to nourish and fortify while supporting a healthy skin barrier. Featuring seven products...


max wide plate styler

Review: Is the ghd Max Wide Plate Styler Really Worth the Investment?

The Last Fashion Bible’s Online Editor, Melissa Reid, reviewed the updated ghd max wide plate styler. All opinions are her own. ghd is regarded by many as a world leader of hairstyling tools. The company recently released its new and improved max wide plate styler, which they claim...


Summertime Skincare

Zoë Kravitz’s Guide to Summertime Skincare & Makeup

Zoë Kravitz reveals the secrets behind her signature lit-from-within complexion, from her less-is-more summertime skincare routine to her ultimate eye-opening trick. “There are different kinds of makeup, and everyone finds their own style, but I do like to try to encourage people to...

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