What Dumpster Diving For Makeup Is Really Like

What Dumpster Diving For Makeup Is Really Like

On this episode of Beauty With Mi, our host, Mi-Anne Chan explores the underground world of dumpster diving for beauty products. She meets with a professional dumpster diver and learns why people take part in this practice. Press play to learn why people dumpster dive for beauty products.



I Chopped Off 30cm Of Hair To Look Like Kylie Jenner

On this episode of Hair Me Out, our model chops off 12 inches of hair to get a Kylie Jenner-inspired hair cut. This bob is one of Kylie’s signature looks. Watch this week’s Hair Me Out for a dramatic hair transformation!


Irina Shayk

Supermodel Irina Shayk Shares Her Beauty Secrets

For her first-ever digital cover, supermodel Irina Shayk tapped her go-to glam team, hairstylist Harry Josh and makeup artist Tatyana Makarova. Here, Shayk talks natural beauty, walking the Versace show, and the one time her sister took tweezers to those iconic brows.



5 Days Of Learning To Sleep Better

On this episode of Refinery29’s Try Living With Lucie, host Lucie Fink tries getting better sleep for five days. She practices and educates herself on how to get the best possible night’s sleep. Watch this week’s Try Living With Lucie to learn how to get the most out of...

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