Cecilia Kang Couture

5 Minutes With: Cecilia Kang, the Self Taught Couturier

Cecilia Kang is a self-taught couturier based in Auckland, New Zealand. The talented designer creates each one-of-a-kind piece for her eponymous label Cecilia Kang Couture herself, from designing to patterning, sewing and embellishing. With a flair for creating experimental and glamorous...


Dyson Hair care

Give Mum the Gift of Style With Dyson

Looking to give your mum the ultimate hair transformation this Mother’s Day? Look no further than the stunning Dyson range of hair care tools. These magical hair styling tools are like having a personal hairstylist at your fingertips. Help mum say goodbye to burnt fingers and hello...




Sustainable Swimwear Brands

6 Ethical & Sustainable Swimwear Brands from New Zealand

It’s a well-known fact that the world has a waste problem. Textile pollution is pouring into landfills and our oceans will soon contain more plastic than fish. According to a 2017 article published by National Geographic, there are more than six billion metric tons of plastic waste...


Louis 200

200 Years of Louis Vuitton: The Best LV Celebrity Campaigns

Louis Vuitton is one of the most prestigious and recognised brands in the world. Its legacy story is legendary; 16-year-old Louis Vuitton arrived in Paris and began mastering his craft under the guidance of renowned trunk maker Romaine Maréchal. Vuitton opened his first luxury luggage...

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