Copenhagen Fashion Week Street Style Day 1

The Best of Copenhagen Fashion Week Street Style

Since the world entered lockdown in March, fashion weeks and tradeshows were been cancelled, postponed or re-imagined for the digital space. In fact, only a handful of designers including Jacquemus, Dolce and Gabbana and Valentino have presented runway shows with the presence of an...


Customized Clothes

How Anyone Can Create Customised Clothes Through Printing

Have you drawn a design that would look fabulous on a tee shirt or tote bag? Maybe you have seen sneakers with embroidery on them and thought that you could create a design that would look just as cute. You may have worried that you would have to buy a ton of tee shirts and have them...


Rustic Nashville Retreat

Inside Taylor Hill’s Rustic Nashville Retreat

Today AD is welcomed to Tennessee by model Taylor Hill for a tour of her rustic Nashville retreat. Three years ago, the Colorado native was considering buying her first Manhattan apartment until a fateful visit to Nashville changed her plans. Taylor settled into a stunning log cabin built...


emerging trip types

The Five Emerging Trip Types of 2021

The global pandemic turned travellers’ plans upside down in 2020. Looking ahead to 2021, the impact of the pandemic is changing not just our choice of destination but also the type of trips we’re most likely to take in the coming year. New research from reveals...


True Champagne

Do You Know Why True Champagne Is So Expensive?

Champagne is only true champagne if it’s made in the Champagne region of northern France. All other sparkling wines made outside of this region, even those from neighboring parts of France, must be labeled differently. Champagne often costs double the price of other sparkling wines...

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