Anna Wintour Promotion

What Anna Wintour’s Recent Promotion Means for Condé Nast Worldwide

Anna Wintour’s recent promotion at Condé Nast just made the influential editor even more powerful. On Tuesday, as part of a broader strategy revamp under CEO Roger Lynch, Condé Nast announced that Wintour will become the worldwide Chief Content Officer and Global Editorial Director...

Look Forward to the New Year With Our 2020 Christmas Gift Guide

For many, 2020 went from the year of “getting everything I want” to the year of being grateful for the things you have — like your health, family, and personal safety. As we start saying goodbye to one of the craziest years ever, it’s time to look forward with optimism and keep some of...

Andreas Palade

Andreas Palade: Being a Model Is Hard Work, Luck and the Right Look

Keeping fit and looking good are key aspects of being a male model. Not to mention the perks, like the parties, socialising and free clothes. But like all industries, modelling is not always as shiny and pretty as it looks. Model, Andreas Palade, was born in Estonia. He moved to New...

Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones, OBE: The World’s Most Influential Milliner

Stephen Jones OBE is one of fashion’s most enduring and influential designers. The milliner cut his teeth at London’s Central Saint Martins where he gained work experience at British haute couture house, Lachasse. According to Jones, it was here that he made his first hat...

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