Just as the harsh summer sun damages your skin, it can also damage your hair. A combination of sun, saltwater and chlorine can all take a heavy toll on our tresses, especially if your hair is colour-treated (green hair, anyone?) If you’re not prepared, a few weeks into summer, shiny, healthy hair that’s easily managed looks and feels dull, dry and damaged. But don’t panic; help is here. Senior Educator of ghd NZ, Michael Mendel shares his top summer hair care tips and product recommendations to keep your locks looking their best during the hot and humid months.

What haircare mistakes do you see people making in summer?

I often hear women complaining about summer hair and the reason is the lack of a haircare routine during summer. The mistakes vary from not applying a leave-in conditioner with UV protection to tightly tying up damp hair after washing or swimming.

Our hair is increasingly exposed to nature’s elements during summer, which can cause dryness and damage to the hair.  We need to amplify our home haircare routine during these months. Firstly, I’d recommend always applying a UV protection product to protect our hair from the summer rays. ghd Bodyguard is a heat styling protectant product, but can also be used in the hair for protection from the sun.  A weekly mask treatment is essential to keep the hair hydrated.

What changes do we need to make to our haircare routine to protect it over the summer months?

Ensure you restore moisture and life to your hair during the hot season. Using a rinse-out/leave-in conditioner will help you to keep your hair hydrated. Avoid tying the hair up when wet, as damp hair has the maximum elasticity and is prone to breakage. I recommended using the ghd Rehab; it’s a fantastic treatment for split ends and lasts up to 10 washes.

Summer Hair Care Tips
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What are your best tips/products for dealing with humidity?

A vast range of products in the market will save you from humidity. Hair serums and oils are great options to help you tame the frizz and add shine to the hair. A good tip for coarse and curly hair is to use a cotton T-shirt as a towel to dry the hair after washing. The cotton material is gentle on the hair and helps reduce frizz.

What are your top 5 summer haircare tips?

1. Start the summer with a haircut/trim to keep the ends healthy and fresh.

2. Use heat protection products; think of this as sunscreen for your hair.

3. Rinse your hair after swimming to remove saltwater or pool chemicals.

4. Use a wide-tooth detangling comb to detangle your hair when it is wet to avoid breakage.

5. Wash your hair less as frequent washing removes the natural oils from the scalp, causing flaky scalp and dry hair.

Summer Hair Care Tips

About Michael Mendel

Michael Mendel is a hairstylist and ghd’s senior educator for New Zealand. His portfolio includes working at international fashion weeks, photo shoots and TV shows. As a stylist, he loves creating beautiful and effortless-looking hair.

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