Specsavers is taking its first steps into sustainable eyewear with the launch of ReWear, a new collection of 24 glasses and six sunglass styles, that is inspired by nature in both style and substance.

As well as being stylish and highly wearable, every pair of ReWear glasses is partially made with recycled and bio-based materials, helping to reduce plastic waste, one step at a time.

Each frame is manufactured using five recycled plastic water bottles, creating high quality, durable and desirable glasses that will make a statement wherever you go.

The range features classic frame shapes and minimalist designs complimented by playful colours and translucent acetates, making the range wearable for everyone.

ReWear comes in a range of colours inspired by the natural world around us, from soft blossom, rain and slate to richer tones of dark plumb and soft berry. Frame names such as Lavender, Elm, River, Rain and Sandalwood evoke the colours and textures of nature, which in turn is brought to life in the specs themselves.

“We’re thrilled to add another stylish range to the Specsavers portfolio and even more excited that this the most ecofriendly range in our collection,” says Specsavers’ Head of Product, Nelly Soleil.

“Our customers are focused, now more than ever, on making choices that lessen their impact on the environment. The ReWear range offers a step in the right direction for customers wanting to make a more positive change without compromising on style or quality.

“At Specsavers, we’re always looking to do better and any opportunity to lessen our own environmental impact is something we want to embrace. And that’s the ethos behind ReWear – it’s a collection that represents a more conscientious approach to product development as we look to the future.’

This article was produced in collaboration with Specsavers. The ReWear range is available in all Specsavers stores nationwide from 16 September 2021, with prices starting at just $349 for two pairs single vision.



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