The Last Fashion Bible’s Content Director, Melissa Reid, reviewed the new ghd Duet Style. All opinions are her own.

I’m making the call: the “g” in ghd needs to be changed from “good” to “genius”. And with good reason: The latest release from the experts of styling appliances, the Duet Style, is a revolutionary two-in-one tool that transforms hair from wet to styled, streamlining your styling routine. The ghd Duet Style has garnered a lot of attention and I’m curious to see if it lives up to the hype of creating salon-smooth hair at home. But before we get into my experience using the device, let’s get the lowdown on how and what makes it such a game-changer.

In a nutshell, the Duel Style works by combining the best convention technology from the Helius we’ve come to know and love with expertise in conduction heating from ghd’s iconic ceramic plates. This state-of-the-art hot air styler claims to simultaneously dry and style your hair without heat damage.

The ghd Duet Style two-in-one hot air styler transforms hair from wet to styled. Photo courtesy of ghd

The ghd Duet Style is the first two-in-one hot air styler that promises to leave hair sleek, smooth and glossy for up to 48 hours using ghd’s proprietary Airfusion technology. This high-tech device is composed of five key elements:

The Duet Style utilizes a distinctive air filter design to draw in the maximum amount of airflow, efficiently drying and styling hair using a single tool.

Internal Aerodynamics

A small but powerful motor pushes the airflow at the optimum speed and temperature for drying. Additionally, the device offers lower sound levels for easier-on-the-ear styling.

Revolutionary Drying & Styling Chamber

An ultra-concentrated airflow is blasted from the styler while four ceramic plates work in tandem to quicken your hair styling and drying process using a single tool.

Smart Styling Plates

Clever infinity sensors keep the ceramic styling plates at an optimum styling temperature while preserving your hair’s natural moisture levels for ultra-sleek hair. This enables wet-to-sleek styling without causing any damage, sizzling, or burning smell (nothing makes my heart sink quite like the sound of sizzling hair).

Expertly Angled Root-Drying Vents

To ensure your hair is cared for from root to tip after the airflow moves through the drying chamber, it’s directed outwards through purposefully angled vents that are specifically designed for root drying. A lower temperature guarantees a more comfortable and effective root drying performance—meaning no more singed scalps.

But that’s not all. The Duet’s unique shine shot button turns off the air and transforms the device into straighteners. The ceramic plates are set at the optimum temperature of 185°C .

“The new ghd Duet Style is a revolution in tech beauty; there is no other product globally that dries and styles at the same time, combining hot air and styling plates. The ghd R&D team has achieved the impossible,” ghd CEO Jeroen Temmerman, says. “With ghd Duet Style, we are transforming the way people style their hair and delivering even more good hair days around the world.”

Would the ghd Duel Style live up to the hype?
Would the ghd Duel Style live up to the hype?

ghd Duet Style Review

First Impressions

Upon taking the styler out of its packaging, I quickly noticed that it was larger than my standard sized ghd straightener, with broader plates and a slightly thicker handle—more akin to the Max Plate Styler. The straightening plates have a vent running down the middle, and thin, parallel vents can also be found along the top of the straightener, presumably to release the steam created during the drying and straightening process. The handle of the styler contains an on/off switch and a small button labeled “Shine Shot,” which allows you to switch between the air and straightening modes.

Using the Dual Style

I started with freshly washed and towel-dried hair. My hair is quite long and thick, so I separated it into sections just as I would if I were straightening it.

I took the first section and placed the Duet Style at the roots for three seconds. Following the instructions, I moved the Duet Style down my hair from root to tip. It took about five sweeps to dry it.

Now that my hair was dry, it was time to test out the Shine Shot. When I pushed the button, the hairdryer noise stopped and became more like a normal set of straighteners. I ran it through each section as it was drying until my whole head was finished.

I finished it with a generous pump of my hair oil to seal the tips and boost hydration for added shine.

GHD Duet Style review results
Before (L) and after (R) using the new ghd Duet Style.

The Result

I’ll be honest; I really wasn’t expecting the Duel Style to live up to the hype. The promise of one device that could dry and straighten my hair seemed too good to be true. But this editor is suitably impressed. Not only did my hair feel sleek and shiny, it was super soft, too. It probably took the same amount of time to dry and straighten my hair as it would if I was using the Helios and ghd straighteners, but, as I said, my hair is quite long. This would be a great product for shorter styles to achieve maximum results.

This article was produced in collaboration with ghd; the author of this article was gifted a ghd Duet Style. All opinions are the author’s own.

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