The Last Fashion Bible’s Online Editor, Melissa Reid, reviewed the updated ghd max wide plate styler. All opinions are her own.

ghd is regarded by many as a world leader of hairstyling tools. The company recently released its new and improved max wide plate styler, which they claim is perfect for anyone with thick hair (me) and long hair (also me). As a real perk of the job, our lovely friends at ghd sent me a pair to put to the test. But before we get into the results of the latest tool from the good hair day gods, let’s check out the patented technology behind the plates.

The brand first launched its first wide plate straightening tool back in 2007. Now, for its 2021 relaunch, the max styler has been updated to include dual-zone ceramic technology — the company’s patented heater system that keeps the optimum styling temperature of 185°C across both plates. It’s this technology that generates sleek and smooth results from root to tip, even on the thickest of hair, with no extreme heat.

Additionally, those ceramic plates have been increased by 70% to just over 4cm each, which apparently cuts down on 1) the length of time it takes to straighten your hair, and 2) heat damage caused by having to re-straighten sections to get the desired sleek and shiny hair.

“The ghd max styler is my absolute go-to when I’m needing optimum results in a fraction of time,” said Jordan Thomas, ghd ANZ Education Executive. “One pass leaves the hair with the most incredible glass-like shine. To say I’m obsessed is well and truly an understatement.”

OK, so the professionals love it. But how did the max wide plate styler really perform?

(L-R) ghd unplugged spray, max wide plate styler and helios hairdryer

At this point, I should probably introduce you to my hair. Yes, it’s long and kind of thick and wavy, so most of the time I just leave it to dry naturally to encourage maximum natural curlage. When I do want to look tidier, it’s a full blow-dry and straightening sesh. This used to be a huge, time-absorbing chore — until I discovered the ghd helios, hands down one of the greatest hairdryers of all time.

(Side note, if you’re looking for an amazing hair dryer that’s so powerful it will blow you into tomorrow while somehow leaving your hair shiny and gorgeous, then please treat yourself to a ghd helios hairdryer. You will thank me, I promise.)

First, I sprayed my hair with ghd’s straight on – straight & smooth spray to help protect it from the heat.

Then I rough dried my hair with the aforementioned helios.

Full disclosure: I’ve been a devotee of ghd straighteners for over 20 years (yikes, 20 years) since I was first introduced to them back in my hair modelling days. From that moment, they completely revolutionized my life. But with hair down to (almost) my tailbone, straightening it took at least half an hour to forty minutes. My arm would go dead, and I’d curse myself for wanting to straighten it.

Anyway, that’s why we’re here, to see if these hyped-up new plates and technology live up to the, well, hype.

And, friends, it’s good news.

(L) before and (R) after using the new ghd max styler

The max styler glided through my hair in one smooth stroke. The results were actually amazing. No joke, it took me somewhere between five to ten minutes to do my whole head. That dual-zone technology in the ceramic plates really is a game-changer.

Speaking of beauty, as with all ghd products, the max styler is a flawless fusion of form and function. They look as sleek as you’d imagine and heat up in just 30 seconds. Apparently, they power down after 30 minutes if you’re having one of those days. They come with a silicone sleeve so you can set them straight down when you’re finished.

The overall verdict: If you have thick, long hair and need something extra to help tame your tresses, the ghd max wide plate styler might just be your new best friend.

This article was produced in collaboration with ghd; the author of this article was gifted a pair of ghd max styler straighteners and ghd helios hairdryer. All opinions are the author’s own.

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