MycoWorks Co-founders Phil Ross and Sophia Wang, together with CEO Matt Scullin, share the origin story for Reishi™️ Fine Mycelium™️, a new class of made-to-order, natural and non-animal material that offers unprecedented freedom to customize.

A work of art, nature and biotechnology, Reishi enables new possibilities for fashion and luxury. Reishi is a breakthrough in material science that meets the world’s demand for sustainability, without compromising performance, quality or aesthetics.

“Mycelium is an aspect of the world that has been present for millions of years,” says artist and co-founder of MycoWorks, Phil Ross. “It binds together everything that’s organic that we know about.”

“Like the way carbon can be both graphite and diamond, depending on the process, Phil was able to unlock the nuances of mycelium—to engineer it into something that has higher quality, is more durable and feels more alive,” said Matt Scullin, MycoWorks CEO.

“Every step of the process to make Reishi is a carefully choreographed ritual; the body is involved, the hands are involved, decision making is involved. Reishi is the epitome of where you see the excellence in our craft,” said Sophia Wang, MycoWorks co-founder.



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