Mindful Fashion NZ has unveiled a groundbreaking report shedding light on the significant economic and cultural contributions made by New Zealand’s Clothing and Textile Industry (NZFCTI) to Aotearoa New Zealand. Commissioned by Mindful Fashion NZ and produced by EY New Zealand, the report titled ‘Threads of Tomorrow’ – Crafting the Future of Aotearoa New Zealand’s Fashion, Clothing, and Textiles Landscape – advocates for change and presents a bold vision for the industry to achieve a thriving and circular future.

Key findings from the Threads of Tomorrow report highlight the substantial impact of the sector in 2023, including a $7.8 billion addition to the economy, contributing 1.9% to GDP, generating $4.4 billion in wages, and employing 76,011 workers, with 78% of the workforce being female, showcasing the sector’s role in empowering women economically.

Jacinta FitzGerald, Chief Executive of Mindful Fashion NZ, emphasized the industry’s resilience despite regulatory challenges over the past four decades. She urged the government to engage with the industry on the report’s recommendations, which have the potential to stimulate economic activity, enhance the sector’s contribution to the country, and showcase the broader benefits of a thriving industry.

“While this report makes a strong case for collaboration, it is also a call for more support and investment,” FitzGerald said in a press release. “We call on the support and influence of leading businesses in the New Zealand fashion, clothing and textile industry, who believe in a more sustainable future and are excited by an opportunity to show industry leadership. “We urge investors and industry stakeholders who see the potential of our vision to connect with us and get involved. We ask the government to work with us to incentivise and scale the recommendations of this report.”

Threads of Tomorrow report
The groundbreaking Threads of Tomorrow report reveals outstanding statistics that detail the economic contribution of the New Zealand Fashion, Clothing, and Textiles Industry (NZFCTI).

The Threads of Tomorrow report proposes 15 recommendations across four action areas to guide the industry’s transition towards a prosperous and circular future. These recommendations aim to address key challenges such as increasing business costs, accessing capital, and competition from global brands while capitalizing on opportunities for economic development.

Among the action areas are initiatives to grow a skilled workforce, advance local materials and manufacturing, enable a circular economy, and promote New Zealand fashion, clothing, and textiles. Each recommendation identifies stakeholders responsible for driving them forward.

Fashion Designer and Chair of the Mindful Fashion Board, Juliette Hogan, emphasized the need for collaborative efforts to transform the industry successfully. She highlighted the pivotal role of collective action in creating a future-focused industry that stakeholders can take pride in.

“The industry in Aotearoa is at a critical turning point,” Hogan said. “What is clear is that to successfully transform the industry, we all need to work together. No one organisation alone can change the system, but by working together we can create an industry that’s future focussed and that we’re all proud to be part of.”

FitzGerald reiterated Mindful Fashion NZ’s commitment to building an innovative and thriving future for the industry, urging investors, industry stakeholders and the government to support and scale the recommendations outlined in the report to realize a circular and prosperous industry.

The Threads of Tomorrow report, which presents an opportunity for the sector to showcase a sustainable future driven by purpose-led businesses, can be viewed at mindfulfashion.co.nz .



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