Scholars, psychics, and beauty buffs agree — the hair on your head (and what you do with it) is pretty powerful. Often considered an extension or part of a person’s identity, hair can make or break your day. Think about it; a bad hair day can drag your mood down from a 10 to a 2. But a good hair day (ghd) can leave you feeling on top of the world.

Jordan Thomas is the salon educator executive for ghd Australia and New Zealand. To celebrate the local launch of the new helios hairdryer from ghd, the Last Fashion Bible spoke to him about the perks of his job, his fave products and his predictions on the hottest new hair trends.

Has hairstyling always been your passion? How did you get into it?

Honestly, no — I was working as a Saturday boy in a salon in Soho, London. My job mainly consisted of sweeping up, washing hair and making cups of tea! There was something about the energy and vibe in the salon that I loved, the constant buzz. That’s what made me consider hairdressing as a career and I’ve never looked back.

How long have you been with ghd?

I started working alongside ghd while still working as a full-time salon stylist in 2014.

Tell us about your journey to becoming the ghd salon educator.

I would take time away from my clientele to work at shoots or events such as London Fashion Week and Salon International. That kind of got my foot in the door with the brand, I was later offered a London Educator position and left full-time salon life to pursue a different avenue of the industry. My London position turned into looking after the U.K. and Ireland and now that’s turned into New Zealand!

What does your job involve?

I mainly deliver training sessions to stylists in salons all over the country on all things ghd, our latest innovation, the hottest trends and how to achieve them.

What does a typical day at work look like?

No day is the same. When I’m not in a salon, I would usually be presenting to press at a PR event, on set at a shoot or testing one of our new products (there are some exciting things coming)!

Jordan Thomas presenting at the ghd HELIOS launch in New Zealand. Photo | Supplied

And the best perk of your job?

Travel. 100% travel. My job can be extremely busy and I’m always in a different location which I know most of my friends would hate, but I love it — I thrive on it! I’ve been lucky enough to work all over the U.K., Ireland, Europe and now able to explore Australia and New Zealand and get to call that my job. I feel grateful for the opportunities that come my way.

You are impeccably groomed — can you share your grooming routine?

Haha! It’s funny that you ask that, it was only this week that I had a stylist in salon refuse to believe that I didn’t have any colour in my hair. The truth is, it’s just that kiwi sun! I spend so much of my time thinking about other people’s looks, when it comes to my own it probably gets a little neglected. I’m lucky enough to have a natural wave to my hair so I’m pretty low maintenance, a spritz of ghd’s Curl Hold Spray, diffuser dry and I’m good to go! If you’re trying to enhance your natural texture, you don’t want to disturb it too much by running your hands through it.

Are there any hair trends that you’re currently loving?

I can’t get enough of the barely-there kinks and waves. You know when you pass that woman in the street and she almost looks too cool to have spent any time on her hair? That’s what I’m loving right now. The whole, has she done it, hasn’t she done it, kind of vibe… and believe it or not, that’s some of the most difficult hair to create.

Who is your ultimate hair icon and why?

I think choosing an icon is difficult, but an era is easy. I’m obsessed with the ’70s. Debbie Harry and Joan Jett for that punk edge, Farrah Fawcett for that voluminous Charlie’s Angels blowout and Jerry Hall for those luscious locks and how can we forget the queens of disco such as Donna Summer and Diana Ross. The list goes on!

Debunk the biggest hair myth you’ve heard.

“The hotter the better”. At ghd, we have done tons and tons of research into the effects of heat on hair at our lab in Cambridge, UK as well as with external sources. With all this research we have discovered that 185° is the best temperature to style your hair at. No need for temperature dials or gauges for different hair types. Dry human hair is manipulated at the same temperature regardless of hair type, colour, ethnicity, etc. At ghd, we never want to be above 185° when it comes to heated styling tools.

Jordan Thomas at the New Zealand TV Awards. Photo | Supplied

What do you predict will be huge in the world of hair in the next year?

Volume! The rise of the balayage, creating that lived in, grown-out look has gone hand-in-hand with those barely-there waves I mentioned earlier. I predict that we will start to flip that on its head (pun not intended) and want to see big hair, to look like we have spent all day in a salon to achieve that look, to wear it with confidence and to own it.

What’s one hair product you can’t live without?

The ghd root lift spray. I use it from root to tip (applying more to the root area as this hair is typically the softest and requires the most support) and whether I’m trying to create volume or not it works as a great foundation to any style to make it sure it lasts all day. It also has our Heat Protection System built into it and it’s super easy to use for both stylist and consumer.

Where can we follow you?

Instagram (@jordanthomasghd) and Linkedin are the platforms I tend to use the most. Even if I’m not posting on Instagram, like all of us, I’m continuously scrolling. I think we are all aware of its downfalls but used correctly it can be an amazing source of inspiration and instant updates from global events.

What don’t you leave the home without?

I wish I could say something other than this typically millennial answer, but it would be my phone. It just lets me have everything I need in the palm of my hand — e-mail, maps, Spotify, Instagram, calendar… I can’t even imagine what my diary would like if it was on paper! The only exception to this is when I’m at the gym or my partner and I are having dinner. Then, no distractions are allowed!

Stay tuned to The Last Fashion Bible for the latest hair-related tech and trends.



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