ghd partnered with international session stylist Guido Palau to create Alexander Wang’s SS 2018 hair look.

How to get the beach hair look

Reflecting the fashion industry’s current fascination with the individual and the unique, Guido worked with models’ natural texture to create ‘lived-in’ hair with movement a-plenty.

When considering natural hair, people tend to assume that the end result will be messy. That’s absolutely not the case. – Guido

Guido first washed each girl’s hair, before applying a styling cream and using the ghd Air hairdryer with a diffuser to mimic the process of allowing hair to air-dry.

After crafting a messy middle part with his fingertips, hair lengths were gently bent around the ghd Classic Curl Tong to lend natural movement, texture, and idiosyncratic waves.

A great hairdryer, like the ghd Air Hairdryer, minimises drying time and therefore limits damage to the hair, while helping to achieve beautiful, natural movement.

This look requires simply two tools, the ghd Air Hairdryer and ghd Classic Curl Tong. Great styling tools are essential for creating simple, modern textures. – Guido

  1. Wash hair and apply a heat protect spray.
  2. Use the ghd air® hairdryer with a diffuser to gently blow-dry hair on a low heat setting, while maintaining and enhancing your natural texture.
  3. Add a natural centre parting using fingers.
  4. Afterwards, create a soft natural wave by bending sections of hair around the ghd curve® classic curl tong to add additional movement.
  5. Maintain an imperfect finish by bending hair in different directions.


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