The iD Fashion Festival 2024 dazzled fashion enthusiasts from 4-7 April with a dynamic programme of events catering to all fashion styles and budgets. From vintage and emerging fashion shows to panel talks, workshops, exhibitions, and pop-up stores, the festival delivered a diverse array of experiences for attendees.

Event Manager Victoria Muir expressed excitement about the festival’s lineup, highlighting the variety of events curated for the inaugural Fashion Festival. Muir emphasized that the programme offers unique and engaging experiences that will delight audiences.

Among the highlights were exclusive insights into the world of fashion, past, present and future. Notable events include Paper Theory founder Tara Viggo’s sustainable pattern studio session at Adjø, where attendees received pattern, sewing and fitting advice. Additionally, Jeanne Dubois, an artist and museum guide, provided a live stream from the Christian Dior Museum in France, offering insights into the designer’s story and showcasing archival material.

The iD Fashion Festival 2024 also featured relaxed discussions with industry professionals, such as Meg Gallagher and Cynarra Ferguson, who shared their experiences transitioning from Dunedin high school girls to successful careers in fashion design and styling.

While the beloved Railway Station Runway Show was absent from this year’s festival, attendees enjoyed several runway events, including daytime pop-up runways on George Street and an Otago Cancer Society fundraiser evening at Blueskin Nurseries & Cafe. Moreover, the festival also celebrated the talent of New Zealand’s young designers with the “As We Watch The World Go By” showcase, featuring 25 emerging designers from around the country.

The festival’s diverse calendar of events, with most being free to attend, has garnered praise from iD Fashion fans in Dunedin. From time spent with designers to catwalk shows and high-end retail experiences, the festival offers something for everyone interested in the fashion industry.

Event Manager Victoria Muir expressed satisfaction with the festival’s success, noting the positive feedback received from attendees and organizers alike. “We’re absolutely delighted with the result,” said Muir. “We know some of our regular audience members missed the Railway Show and Emerging Designers Awards but they were very happy with the informality and openness of this festival format. We had fantastic attendance at all events.”

Looking ahead, Muir announced plans for the 2025 iD Dunedin Fashion Show and International Emerging Designers Awards, with entries opening later in April and June, respectively.

Overall, the iD Fashion Festival continues to uphold its commitment to sustainability and innovation, providing a platform for emerging talent and established designers to showcase their creativity and vision.

Photo by Chris Sullivan, Seen in Dunedin for iD Dunedin Fashion Festival.



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