Brooke Dennis and Robecca Leyden are two Kiwi women in London on a mission to re-introduce the idea of repairing and re-inventing clothes, rather than buying new, fast fashion. The two have joined forces to create Meet Your Maker, a hybrid event that showcases pop-up fashion, sewing workshops and industry talks. The event is hosted in Make Town, a newly opened community focused creative space in the heart of Hackney in London’s east end.

We caught up with Leyden to learn more about the importance of sustainability and slow fashion and why we should all support our local artists and artisans.

Meet Your Maker
Robecca Leyden and Brooke Dennis. Photo provided.

What inspired you to found Meet Your Maker?

I saw Make Town on Instagram one day and reached out. As soon as we met in person and I realised Brooke was a Kiwi too we got on like a house on fire! As soon as you go into Make Town you know it’s a very special place. The vibe, everything about it. I knew straight away I wanted to do something with Brooke and Make Town. We started brainstorming and I bought my friend on board, Stuart Anderson who specialises in alcohol and logistics (obviously we wanted alcohol to be involved). He actually came up with the name.

Why is promoting sustainability in fashion important to you?

Apart from the obvious reason that our planet is burning and we need to do something, clothing and fashion have always been my go-to. I sew, I know a bit about it and I’ve always loved second-hand clothing. I feel like that’s kind of the platform I have and can share some knowledge. It’s also one of the worst industries for pollution and slave labour, so education is imperative.

What are your goals with Meet Your Maker?

Essentially, we are looking for a way to bring people together in a community, have fun and learn a bit! The thing I love about Make Town is that it is a place to learn about all things around the fabric medium. So as well as the Pop Up shopping aspect, there are workshops on how to mend clothes, upcycle items and even a loom!

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