Local fashion legends Zambesi presented their 80th collection at Auckland’s central public library during NZFW 2019.

To complement the collection, the creative team at L’Oréal Professionnel created sculpted beehives, perfect for their “Bookish, Bouffant Aliens”.

“Zambesi is an iconic brand celebrating 40 years of fashion, so we wanted to create an iconic hair look but make it look a little alien,” said Michael Beel, L’Oréal Professionnel Artist. “Slightly quirky but still with an essence of classic beauty.  The concept for this look was Bookish Bouffant Aliens.”

View the final looks in full in the gallery above. Read on for a step-by-step guide on how you can recreate this stunning look.

Create the Look

Step 1: Prep hair with Tecni.Art Volume Lift Mousse. You will need a lot to create fatness in the hair and for it to feel gritty.

Bookish Bouffant Aliens

Step 2: Working in a brick setting pattern and using Tecni.Art Pli, lightly backcomb each section then set using a tong. Pin to secure then allow to cool.

Bookish Bouffant Aliens

Step 3: Remove sections around the crown and place two large donuts (hair padding) at the crown on top of each other to create exaggerated height and pin some hair over it to cover padding.

Bookish Bouffant Aliens

Step 4: Taking remaining sides and back hair twist into a tight French pleat keeping it very flat to the head. Spray with Infinium Pure Hairspray and Tecni.Art Savage Panache while working to encourage texture.

Step 5: Work front hair over padding in a similar manner.

Step 6: Saturate hairline with Infinium Pure Hairspray and use a piece of elastic to create an indentation. Dry in with a hairdryer and diffuser.

Bookish Bouffant Aliens

Step 7: Encourage flyaways around side hairline with Tecni.Art Savage Panache.

Photography by Pikdat.



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