For almost 15 years, the distinct, luxe designs of Miss Crabb pieces have been coveted by women all over New Zealand and beyond. Now, designer and founder Kristine Crabb has announced that she is will be closing her much-loved Ponsonby Road flagship store at the end of March 2019, citing the need for a change.

“This has been a huge decision for me, but since deciding to finish I feel calmly confident, even happy,” Crabb said in a press release. “Already I have more energy for life and I look forward to channeling my creativity into something new. Nonetheless, I have loved everything about this business.

“It’s been the most amazing journey that began with Rip Shit and Bust in 2001 on K Road and grew into Miss Crabb on Ponsonby Road in 2004 — it’s much more than a fashion label, it’s an art project, a state of mind and a ‘culty’ family; I have had three children along the way which has added another dimension to things. Now it’s time for the project to take on a new direction — just what that is, I am not sure!”

Kristine Crabb in her workroom. | Photo supplied.

Not constrained by sizing, age or societies view on beauty, neither conventional appropriateness, Miss Crabb has helped shape and influence the New Zealand fashion industry.

The entire manufacturing process is done by hand and has remained in New Zealand, working with many of the same suppliers since 2004. From selecting fabrics, pattern-making, sewing to finishing every piece with French-seams and minimalist detail, the brand to promotes long-lasting beauty.

“The industry has changed so much since I started. PR, branding and social media have become incredibly important and an amazing platform for fashion,” said Crabb. “But it’s almost more important than the clothes themselves, which doesn’t make sense to me anymore. I’m more interested in the way a piece is made and worn and becomes part of your life.

“There are many incredible people who have contributed to the success of Miss Crabb, who I am truly grateful to. The people I have collaborated with, my amazing staff over the years and my inner circle of supporters who I turn to for advice and inspiration. And of course, our beautiful customers, who have kept Mis Crabb going all these years.

“The business is not closing because it’s in a bad place, but because I need to refresh and put my energy into something different. The Miss Crabb ‘art project’ will take on the next phase — whatever that is!” concludes Crabb.

Final orders for Dreams Top Rock are open until 1st February 2019, with the Miss Crabb flagship store closing its doors for the final time on 31st March 2019. We wish all the best to Kristine Crabb and her surely bright future.



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