Karen Walker has never been one for colouring inside the lines. Where’s the fun in sticking within the borders someone else imposes on you when you could be getting up to all kinds of most excellent mischief?

The “Mischief” collection is all about having fun and experimenting with sophistication and exaggeration. The bold and eye-catching frames are guaranteed to stand out in a crowd. Colour-blocked in crayon tones like “Tangerine” and “Emerald Green”, the new collection scampishly deconstructs expectations. The lines of the acetate frames have a naïve, bold look that could have been drawn on with a marker pen, while the rimless lens triangles could have been plucked from a box of playschool shapes.

That’s not to say she refuses to grow up when it really matters. The playground antics are offset with chic detailing of the silver and gold metals feature her signature arrow outline at the hinge along with the architecture of her dramatic acetate shapes.

It’s all about knowing just where to draw the line between sophistication and exaggeration, a territory Walker has mastered.

View the full collection in the gallery above.

Melissa Reid

Melissa Reid

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