Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has appeared in an article and photoshoot in Vogue magazine, covering everything from her Mormon childhood, to her election campaign and meteoric rise to Prime Minister to her recent baby announcement.

Jacinda Ardern in Vogue Photoshoot

Vogue described Ardern as a “37-year-old with a beaming smile” and also “elvish” “young, forward-looking and uabashedly liberal”. When commenting on her political policies, they describe her as the “Anti-Trump” – possibly in reference to a Wall Street Journal comparing her immigration policies to Donald Trump.

“She became prime minister only after a tense period of negotiations (and compromise) with the nationalist NZ First party. Through it all she has spoken about issues of poverty and homelessness in her country with a blend of Bernie Sanders’s bluntness and Elizabeth Warren’s fearlessness.

‘Yes, we believe in globalisation and trade, but we also believe in you being able to benefit from that more,’ says Ardern. ‘For too long, we progressives have seemed like part of the system. We need to start thinking about whether or not it’s delivering for us now'” – Vogue

Ardern continues to show her support for local designers, welcoming Vogue into her home for the interview wearing a Juliette Hogan cream silk shirt, then being photographed at Bethell’s Beach in a pair of sage green Herriot pants and an elegant trench coat from Harman Grubisa.

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