Meme artists and luxury brands alike can reach boundless audiences, develop original or reconceptualise old content and rewrite the rules of fashion communication. They might at first seem frivolous, but Fashion Memes are most definitely here to stay. Here are some of those that made the best impact in 2017.

1. Runway meme

A very special model: @fuckjerry on the runway for the #zegnafw17 show

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Elliot Tebele, the genius behind @FuckJerry, was approached by Ermenegildo Zegna to walk the runway at the AW 2017 show in Milan in January this year.

2. Life imitates art

Founded by sisters Maria and Beatriz Valdovín, @artlexachung compares classic paintings baring an uncanny likeness to the fashion moments of Alexa Chung since 2015. This Loewe and Boldini moment was a particular 2017 favourite.

3. Wang Clap Back


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Alexander Wang had a déjà vu moment when he saw the Philipp Plein Sport show this year and was quick to highlight stark similarities.

4. Controversial crocs

Here, we find the controversial Balenciaga platform clog floating boat-side in a classic scene from The Notebook. I mean, it makes sense.

5. Carrie on, girl

The sidewalks of New York are full of traffic. But instead of cars we have clothes. Instead of Porsche, Lamborghinis and Little Corvettes we have Prada, Louis Speedies and Fendi Baguettes. But even in a city as crowded as New York, sometimes you walk alone. As I broke free from another break up, I couldn’t help but wonder: We spend so much time dating—were we neglecting our most important relationship? We spend all our energy loving purses, dresses, and men—did we have any left to love ourself? What if the secret to being happy in life was hidden on the inside? Maybe self love is like a DIY Gucci purse: It takes a lot of work, and even if it doesn’t turn out perfect it still feels fabulous. Because maybe our quirks and flaws make us who we are. After all, the cracks in the ceiling let the light in. The cracks in the sidewalk let the flower grow. And life doesn’t always turn out the way you expect. Sometimes the perfect little black dress…is grey. So I smiled. Because if you can love who you’re walking with even when you’re walking alone…well that’s just fabulous. #CarrieDragshaw

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Founded by Dan Clay, @carriedragshaw is dedicated to recreating iconic Carrie looks from Sex and the City with captions promoting self-love and acceptance. For this one, Dan searched endlessly for the same vintage Gucci purse but alas, a DIY was made and it’s major. Sarah Jessica Parker herself is a loyal fan and follower.



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