Kylie Jenner could soon be selling her cosmetics collection food-truck style.

The beauty entrepreneur has recently filed legal documents to trademark a Kylie truck, as well as a Kylie Jenner truck, for what will seemingly allow her to take Kylie Cosmetics and other Kylie-branded merch on the road, as it were.

Although we’re guessing she won’t be driving, or even in the truck much.

At this rate, it’s no wonder Kylie Cosmetics is on track to become a billion-dollar beauty brand by 2022. The label made $420 million in sales in just 18 months, WWD reported in August.

While Jenner’s brand has found success in pop-ups, she has expressed an interest in brick-and-mortar in the future, saying,

“I think it’s time people walk into a store and see Kylie Cosmetics. … I do want that but we haven’t figured out exactly how we’re going to do that and what approach we’re going to take.”



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