Rihanna’s new Fenty Beauty line debuted this week and has already become a global phenomenon. The collection’s dedication to inclusivity has highlighted the fact that other brands, like Kylie Cosmetics, aren’t catering to women with darker skin.

In fact, Kylie fans, usually loyal to the makeup range from Kylie Jenner, have taken to Twitter to call out Kylie’s brand and its apparent exclusivity.

Komplication #1

This isn’t the first time people have complained about Kylie Cosmetics. Despite her lip gloss range selling out in minutes after their debut last year – and all the excitement that went along with them – Kylie’s fans were not all that impressed with the glosses in real life.

Why? Because the brushes were seriously sub-standard. The issue was first noted by makeup artist Jeffree Star, who tweeted that the brush included with Kylie’s new lip gloss line is ‘unacceptable’.

Komplication #2

Then, last July, her lip company was given an ‘F rating’ for its poor customer service from the Better Business Bureau. The low rating was due to a batch of unresolved complaints. In fact, 133 complaints that have been logged since the company’s launch have allegedly been left outstanding.

According to MTV, 69 of those were related to delivery, and 55 were ‘problems with product and service.’ Four were related to refunds and five to advertising problems. The issue is the fact they reportedly went unresolved. Fans have publicly complained about the products, from orders not being delivered to terrible customer service.

Kylie customer service is the worst customer service. The products that I had paid for and received were not the products i ordered, they were missing a number of products and the customer service team didn’t bother acknowledging this. Instead they reply back saying, for courtesy sake we will send you a one time bundle with these specific products? The products they were referring to are the products i have PAID FOR and NOT RECEIVED it., how is this for courtesy sake?  My money is with them and products have not been sent, non of the customer service staff are giving me updates as to when. It annoys me that they are so blasé with their no care attitude. – Aaliyah198356

The fact that Kylie Cosmetics are only available from KylieCosmetics.com could be one of the reasons they have such a bad history with poor customer service.

Komplication #3

Fast forward to March this year, and people were complaining that the cosmetics company was sending them boxes of Kylighter with nothing in them.

Beauty Kweens

With all the bad press and unhappy customers, Kylie Cosmetics needs to raise their game, or there’ll be a new Beauty Kween crowned.



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