Victoria Beckham has announced a partnership with Reebok via Instagram. In the photo, the former pop star and successful designer poses at Reebok’s headquarters sporting the white Club C sneakers with a pair of her own black slacks.

VB x Reebok

Focusing on developing footwear and apparel that delivers the next generation of performance gear, the collaboration been reported to drop next later next year as a part of Reebok’s Innovation Collective.

Victoria celebrates her new role as lead designer with a statement:

“I am incredibly excited to embark on this partnership built on shared values. I have always championed instilling confidence in women and Reebok is a brand that has been at the forefront of this same message for decades. I have long incorporated sportswear into my wardrobe, and daily life, and I am thrilled to be coming together with Reebok on such a dynamic proposition.”

The merging of Victoria’s style with Reebok’s own cutting-edge technology is sure to be a success.

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