iD Fashion Week has announced a change to its 2020 programme. iD Dunedin Fashion co-chair Sally Peart revealed the new plans, that will see the iD International Emerging Awards being held in June 2020 with an iD Dunedin Designer Runway Show organised for February 2021.

The iD International Emerging Awards will feature young designers from around the globe showcasing their creations in a spectacular runway show. The winners will be announced at the end of the show on Friday 19 June 2020.

Peart announced, “Holding the iD Dunedin Designer Runway Show in early 2021 will allow us to assemble a great event team with New Zealand’s leading designers to create a dynamic, vibrant fashion show which will surprise and delight.”

“Part of the reasoning for the change is to allow for the show to have more longevity, with “sustainability, specifically sustainability in terms of showcasing how fashion contributes to a better world,” as the main focus.”

“Importantly for the Board and its Contractors sustainability means ensuring iD Fashion is an event with a long future which is run to the highest standards but without undue stress and unrealistic time input for the Board, its contractors and volunteers. The key to achieving this is working to longer time frames.”

“Our focus now is working with iD partner Otago Polytechnic to deliver the 16th iD International Emerging Designer Awards in June 2020. We have confirmed the timeline leading up to this show, we’re talking to  international designers to secure a guest judge and communicating details to fashion educators across the world. Further details will be announced as soon as the production and event team have been confirmed.”

Applications open for iD International Emerging Designer Awards 2020 open Friday 1 November 2019 via



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