Brides-to-be, rejoice! Local fashion legend Karen Walker has announced the launch of Karen Walker Atelier, a diverse collection of bespoke bridal attire and jewellery.

Made specifically by private appointment only, the range includes mini-dresses, silk gowns, chic suits and more traditional, voluminous gowns all adorned with signature Karen Walker touches like sculptural bows, ruffles, and high necklines. Plus, some of the brand’s best-selling silhouettes have been recreated in more traditional bridal fabrics like ivory taffeta, lace, beaded tulle and silk.

“Our bride isn’t the ‘meringue bride,” Walker told Vogue. “She isn’t trapped at the table behind the cake — she wants to get out there and enjoy her day, and have a realness about her.”

The new collection, explains Walker, will help brides keep their own sense of style without losing themselves in their wedding dress choices.

“The funny thing about bridal is that it sits so far outside of ‘normal life,’ and so outside of how a lot of people think about fashion and clothes and their values,” said Walker. “It’s odd when you think about it in the larger context. So we wanted our pieces to just be more real, I think. We’re still celebrating the ritual and acknowledging that and holding it up — but just doing it in a way that feels real.”

With dresses starting at just $950, it can allow for brides to adopt the international trend of having two looks for their big day. One suit look could be worn as the bride greets guest before changing into a more traditional gown.

“I wasn’t ever going to be the bride who was ‘revealed’ as I was walking down the aisle,” said Walker. “I was out there in a little skirt suit welcoming my guests as they arrived—then I changed into my dress.”

Karen Walker Atelier will also feature a full range of bridal jewellery, from engagement rings to wedding bands, and “suites” of rings that fit together in threes that can be bought separately or together.

View the full Karen Walker Atelier collection in the gallery above.



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