Virgil Abloh may be the busiest man in fashion. Recently, he was named the head of Louis Vuitton menswear as well as managing his own brand Off-White. He is continually collaborating with other brands (such as Ikea) and is even a DJ by night. He’s now taken on yet another project by launching his own radio show with Apple music. The show is called Televised Radio and is recorded in the atelier room of Louis Vuitton, Paris. Abloh is quite literally recording his show while he is doing his job.

“Music has an amazing ability to bring people together, and I couldn’t think of a better format to catalogue all the multidisciplinary work I do under one umbrella,” Abloh told “I’m using the two hours every so often to discuss various design projects and the rationale around them… in an effort to highlight my friends that make up my creative world. Apple’s design legacy and consideration of fostering art and design made it a perfect partnership.”

The radio show is self-described as an “audio mood board” which unlike podcasts and other streaming services will incorporate the music side of radio and conversation from Abloh and guests. The music will be a mix of old and new and likely feature some of his best friends, like fellow Fendi intern Kanye West. The radio show is a culmination of talents from his fashion houses and outside that will discuss inspiration and the art, technology and societal influences that are happening right now.

Abloh has been at the centre of controversy lately as a range of media outlets accuse him of copying other designers work for his label Off-White. The show will likely dispel these rumours as is gives clarity as to where the inspiration came from and who was involved in the process.

Larry Jackson, head of Apple Music describes the launch of ‘Televised Radio’ as a relevant and important shift in the industry, “As fashion shifts its point of view, embracing the influence of hip-hop culture, we felt that the time was right for Virgil to present a larger story through an exclusive Beats 1 show on Apple Music, which offers a glimpse into his design studio and the musical references driving the debut of his new collection next week, plus his other prolific work,” he began. “In my opinion, there’s no better contemporary designer and creator to partner with.”

The first episode has already launched on Apple Music and will likely grow as the hype around his appointment at luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton continues.

Image Credit: Apple Music

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