The 2018 iD Dunedin Fashion Week was officially opened last night by NOM*d, who debuted their Summer 2018 collection at the Otago Daily Times building. “It was the first exposure of the collection,” said Margi Robertson, Creative Director of the iconic local label.

The Collection

The collection is rich with pop culture references; iconic people, imagery and cartoons (the design team coined the phrase “Comi-Cool” to describe it), are distorted and reformed, then blended together and finished with the classic NOM*d’s punk-grunge aesthetic.

A palette of neutral peach and grey lays a solid colour foundation. Navy, a traditional tartan and a pop of orange – itself a reference to past collections – bring vibrancy to the collection.

“We like to take it outside of just wearable clothes,” said Robertson. “We want people to feel like they are part of a tribe, yet still have their own individual aesthetic.”

The Location

The sci-fi feel of the collection was perfectly showcased in a derelict room of the Otago Daily Times building; crumbling walls and supporting columns all playing their role in NOM*d’s “stepped out of a TV” vibe.

The audience’s immersion with the collection was emphasised with an atmospheric sound and audio display that included skulls, iconography and the NOM*d logo projected onto strips of gauze that frames the models and reinforcing the tone of the collection.

Watch the video above to sense the enigmatic atmosphere.

The Look

Makeup was kept clean and minimal, with unexpected details, like a row of diamantes framing the models’ under eye, or a slick of black across an eyelid, while hair was in a slicked down, centre-parted ponytail.

The show set a high standard for what we can expect from the rest of the week at iD. See more images in the gallery above, courtesy of Robecca Leyden of Sans Pareil.

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