Milan Fashion Week AW 2018 was a testament to the myriad ways you can stage a fashion show. Moncler’s Genius event kicked off the week with eight mini-presentations by eight designers, and Dolce & Gabbana closed the week with not one but two shows: one for its real-life customers and another for, well, everyone else, complete with drones, irreverent religious motifs, and accessories that put the extra in “extras.”

Anna Wintour calls MFW AW 2018 “the reinvention of the fashion show,” adding that Gucci and Prada both scaled down the size of their shows but scaled up the atmosphere with immersive sets.

“How wonderful that designers are really looking at the shows in different ways and thinking [about] how they can be used as expressions, whether it’s for the customer or the press, in new and thrilling ways”. – Anna Wintour

Beyond all of that, she was impressed with the diversity and craftsmanship on the runways of Milan, too.

Melissa Reid

Melissa Reid

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