Benjamin Black Goldsmiths have built their brand around beautiful jewellery made the old-fashioned way – made by hand, made to last – for people all around New Zealand and the world who appreciate beautiful design.

Benjamin Black Goldsmiths and the Gold and Onyx Bracelet

Recently they have become interested in the men’s fashion space. Custom-made experiences for men is very important right now, from custom-made shoes to suits, accessories and of course, jewellery. There has been a noticeable increase in custom-made, commissioned pieces for men – luxurious pieces, like the anchor bracelet, whose creation is documented in the video above.

This particular piece was months in the making. Benjamin Black Goldsmiths spoke to the customer at length about the type of design he was looking for, and why it was important to him. He had a strong connection with the sea, so they created this design incorporating the anchor. Made entirely by hand from gold and onyx, everyone involved was happy with the end result.

Watch the full creative process, from initial sketches to material selection, expert craftsmanship and the stunning finished piece, in the video above.

Learn more about Benjamin Black Goldsmiths and their stunning creations on their website.

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