Jerome Taylor from Not For You and two other Wellington creatives recently met and wanted to collaborate to create something new and refreshing. The result? Three different projects of which this photoshoot is the first to drop.

The team

Jerome Taylor, designer of Not For You, the 100% designed and handmade in Wellington, unique high-end men’s streetwear label that’s inspired by art, music, love, heartache and current events.

Andrew Cobeldick, an award-winning hair stylist and has worked at international fashion shows.

Val Cabadonga, a photographer who has been getting booked up and down the country for his skills behind the lens.

The shoot

Innovative lighting, directional hair and contemporary styling fuse seamlessly to create a series of fresh images that would be at home in the pages of international fashion-forward publications like i-D or LOVE.

“We wanted to show my collection and it’s diversity. With my most recent collection “1 in 100″, we had an overwhelming amount of interest from not only males but also females so we wanted to showcase it from a female perspective. We added additional key focuses to the shoot such as the wigs and colour to show it in a whole new light.” – Jerome Taylor

  • Clothing: Not For You
  • Designer: Jerome Taylor
  • Photographer: Val Cabadonga
  • Hair: Andrew Cobeldick
  • Makeup: Amie Lyver
  • Models: Hannah Malpas, Ellie Leong & Brixton Cowie
  • Styling: Eliana Aiomanu & Aeron Balgemino

See the full shoot in the gallery above.


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