With Christmas right around the corner, there is no better way to add a touch of ambiance to your home with luxuriously scented candles. Plus, they make coveted gifts for friends and family.

Côte Noire: French Morning Tea Signature Collection Soy Blend Candle

This limited edition French Morning Tea Signature Collection candle comes in a deep black glass, adorned with an elegant golden Côte Noire crest. These candles are made from a soy blend ecoluxe wax that is completely natural, biodegradable, and non-toxic. The fragrance combines the top notes of black tea, middle notes of cedar and cut grass with base notes of soft amber and oriental lily.

Ecoya: Dark Chocolate, Meringue & Raspberry Madison Jar

A Limited Edition product for the festive season, Eyoca’s Dark Chocolate, Meringue & Raspberry soy wax candle burns for up to 80 hours and is an indulgent composition, infused with almond, velvety chocolate and hints of the sweetest Indonesian vanilla, red raspberry and caramel.

Living Light: Dream Soy Candle Jar

New Zealand made, Living Light candles are made from 100% natural soy, plant and bees wax. The Dream Soy Candle Jar has sweet notes of berry and grape, entwined with cassis, apple blossom and cedar.

MOR: Emporium Classics, Lychee Flower Fragrant Candle

Sparkling, sweet Lychee Flower unites with ripe berries, soft powdery florals & the slightest hint of crisp forest in MOR’s Lychee Flower Fragrant Candle. Black soy wax gives a longer, cleaner burn for up to 60 hours.

MOR: Scented Home Library, Pomogranite and Cassis Fragrant Candle

Top notes of Cassis Orange are blended with mid notes of Raspberry Jasmine, Pomegranate and Apple and base notes of Vanilla, Cedarwood, Cinnamon in MOR’s Scented Home Library soy wax candle. Long lasting – up to 60 hours burn time – these candles will delight and ignite your senses.

Royal Doulton: Pastel Ceramic Candle Gardenia & Sichuan pepper

Young Gardenia blooms are muted with smooth green Peppercorns for a beautifully smooth fragrance. The soy candles come in stunning ceramic pots with lid and the beautiful scent of Gardenia & Sichuan pepper will burn for up to 50 hours.

Tom Ford: Amber Absolute

Classic, modern and elegant with a 40 hour burn time, Tom Ford’s Amber Absolute is made from a luxurious blend of paraffin and soy wax. A rare and precious ingredient believed to hold mystical powers, amber is joined by a tenacious refrain of African incense, labdanum, rich woods and vanilla bean.

Saah Boutique: Citrus Fruit, Jasmine & Mint

Crafted from the finest organic materials and made with 100% soy wax, Saah Boutique candles are made from locally sourced wax and all products are hand-poured in Sydney.

The Citrus Fruit, Jasmine & Mint candle combines splashes of tangerine, lime and star anise with a hint of freshly cut grass. Refreshing touches of spearmint and peppermint leaves combined with a soft base of jasmine.


Philip Young Bespoke Candles for Saah Boutique

Phillip Young is a proud Aboriginal Kamilaroi/Ngunawal man who has lived in Sydney all his life. His passion for Art has been influenced by his homeland and his family connection to country within New South Wales.

Each candle has been hand-painted on a black sandstone jar by Young, making each candle an original art piece. The artworks illustrate the respect of the land, connection with culture and country including the rivers and footsteps of the country on either Kamilaroi or Ngunawal country.

Each one of his artworks tells a different story of culture, heritage and life. The symbolism of animal/totems, land and water reflects the topographical dimensional aspect of different journeys.



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