In classic Tiffany’s fashion, these items are far from ordinary. Tiffany & Co.collection has all your ordinary objects for everyday use – at a slightly higher than average price. The range features flashes of the classic Tiffany’s blue on bone china paper cups, a first aid box, and a sterling silver ball of yarn, valued at over $9,000.

1. Paper Cups

Created using luxurious bone china, Tiffany & Co. designed a paper cup inspired by their exclusive in-store Tiffany’s coffee cups. Valued at $95.

2. Tin Can

Tiffany’s take on the classic tin can has been created using shining vermeil and sterling silver. Valued at $1,000.

3. Ball of Yarn

Handcrafted in New York, Tiffany’s ball of yarn is a limited-edition in the ‘Everyday Objects’ collection. Sterling silver handspan strands make up this $9,000 item, specifically designed to make the ordinary extraordinary.

4. Shoe Horn

The 7.25″ long Padova Shoe Horn, crafted in Italy, originally designed, and copyrighted, by Elsa Peretti. Named after, and designed in Padova, Tiffany’s shoe horn is a $325 masterpiece to ensure you can fit into all your designer shoes.

5. Salt and Pepper Shakers

Another Elsa Peretti® design is the thumbprint salt and pepper shakers. Valued at $350 you can season your eggs with class and style.

6. First Aid Box

The Tiffany’s first aid box, allows you to carry around your first aid supplies in style. With it’s Tiffany Blue® enamel accent, this shining sterling silver take on a classic household staple is valued at $600.

7. Table Tennis Paddles

Fancy a game of table tennis? Tiffany’s has created a luxurious alternative to the classic table tennis paddles. Designed with sterling silver, American walnut and, of course, the Tiffany Blue® leather, these paddles are valued at $650.

8. Book Ends

Transforming your bookcase from bleak to chic, the engravable Tiffany’s stainless steel bookends, with sterling silver plaques, are valued at $325.

9. Alarm Clock

Have the desire to wake up in style? Valued at $500, this nickel-plated brass, retro twin bell alarm clock with a Tiffany CT60® watch inspired dial is a glamorous way to start your day.

10. Sterling Silver Crazy Straw

Tiffany’s are making drinking your favourite drinks elegant and classy with their sterling silver crazy straws. Valued at $250, this whimsical item is designed to be a fun addition to your home.


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