Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio revealed to ET’s Kevin Frazier that this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai, China, will be her last.

Alessandra Ambrosio bids farewell to her VS family

The longtime Angel broke the news just hours before hitting the VS runway for the last time on Sunday.

Ambrosio has been a staple of the show for 17 years, but hours before walking the catwalk, she disclosed that it will be for the last time. ET reports that she is hoping to focus more on her two kids, 9-year-old Anja and 5-year-old Noah.

“It’s a big relief actually. The show was amazing. I was very emotional. I love everyone. Victoria’s Secret is my family, but it’s time to move on. You know, [after] 17 times, I’m like, ‘Mama’s tired!’”

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