The phrase “body positivity” has been floating around a lot lately, turning attention toward the concept of unlearning the idea that only certain bodies are acceptable, instead of recognizing that all bodies are equally valuable and beautiful.

Body positivity is in Vogue…

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The goal of the body positive movement is to build self-esteem through acceptance towards all kinds of body types, whether people are nurturing their bodies and maintaining their weight, finding a place in life where they are comfortable through working out, or changing their lifestyles to find a better attitude.

The fashion industry has a long, complicated history with body positivity. Recently, however, many designers have begun to make steps in the right direction by embracing a more diverse cast of models, as seen recently at New York Fashion Week, and NZFW.

Last season, Body Positivity Ambassador Ashley Graham broke boundaries at NYFW when she made her debut at the Michael Kors SS17 show that showcased a variety of models across age, shape, ethnicity, and relationship to conventional femininity

That fashion conformity, where all the girls are the same size and they’ve all got the same hairdo, it looks old-fashioned to me now. What feels fresh and modern is a sense of surprise, like when you’re in the city, watching all kinds of people go by on the street. What eye candy! – Michael Kors

Graham has proven to be a pioneer in the battle for positive body attitudes. Along with walking for Michael Kors, she is the first ever size-16 woman to score the coveted Sports Illustrated cover and a spot as part of the diverse cast of models fronting the March issue of Vogue, as well as creating multiple clothing lines.

I’m really trying to make a change in the industry. I’m trying to have more quality clothing for curvy women. A lot of it [isn’t available] in my size. – Ashley Graham

And on trend

In the past, plus size clothing has carried the reputation of having ‘less trendy’ options. With this in mind, Farmers want to help women bring out their inner fashionista this Summer with flattering styles specially designed for a curvier shape. 

Dedicated to design and devoted to quality, each brand offers everyday essentials for the modern woman, including a beautiful selection of plus size clothing.



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