With neighborhoods like Harajuku, it’s no surprise that the most unique fashion trend to take hold in some time has risen from Tokyo – the hub of fashion-forward and creative expression: Isshoku Hada Girls.

The craze for creating brightly-coloured skin is growing in popularity as more young women learn about the self-titled “Isshoku Hada Girls” trend of recreating the otherworldly appearance of magical characters seen in anime, manga, and video games, then connecting online to arrange catchups and photo shoots in unusual locations.

For these girls, Isshoku Hada is all about individuality, self-expression, and freedom. They enjoy taking unconventional beauty to whole new levels, with wigs, bright skin tones, contact lenses and colourful accessories.

Japanese model and DJ Miyako has become the face of this trend, making headlines for her insanely bright and colorful skin. Most recently, a group of five girls turned heads after making a rare appearance on the streets of Tokyo last week,  adding striking flair to their unconventional appearances by dressing in yukata summer kimono and other outfits inspired by Japanese tradition and oiran courtesans.

To display the fashion trend done right, Miyako took to the streets of Tokyo with her friends before publishing the looks to Twitter. See the eye-catching trend below for yourself.



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