COOLA, the Californian brand known and loved for its suncare range, is now a one-stop shop for Kiwi’s beauty routine needs with the launch of COOLA Organic Skincare; a natural skincare range designed to nourish and fortify while supporting a healthy skin barrier.

Featuring seven products, COOLA Organic Skincare goes beyond a single step in your routine by supporting the skin’s natural barrier and providing protection against environmental stressors.

Each product is 70+% organic and made using powerful plant-based ingredients that follow sustainable farming practices, support local communities, and reduce the usage of pesticides that contaminate our bodies, waterways, and the environment.

In addition, all products are non-GMO, cruelty-free, vegan, and gluten free, and packaged in fully recyclable packaging.

“COOLA’s Organic Skincare goes beyond traditional skincare to act as your skin’s first line of protection, keeping moisture and nutrients in and modern life’s environmental stressors out,” says Olivia Savidan, of COOLA’s exclusive New Zealand distributor, Beauty Care.

“We’re thrilled to bring this exciting range to Kiwis who want natural yet effective skincare that leaves skin feeling beautiful and looking nourished no matter the season – whether it’s on the slopes in winter, or at the beach in summer.”

COOLA Glowing Greens Detoxifying Facial Cleansing Gel $65

COOLA’s Glowing Greens Detoxifying Facial Cleansing Gel acts like a juice cleanse for your skin, clearing away impurities with nutrient-rich Seaweed Extract, Organic Aloe Juice, Celery Leaf and Cucumber Extracts.

To gently buff away surface cells, the COOLA Pacific Polish Gentle Sea Salt Facial Exfoliator uses ultra-fine mineral sea salt – while Papaya Extract, and an Ayurvedic Oil blend with coconut and sunflower oils soften and soothe.

The COOLA Vital Rush Skin Renewal Serum is packed with a rich concentration of ingredients including Camu Camu extract, Goji Berry, and Moringa Oil, to mitigate signs of fatigue and deliver a boost of vital nutrients.

COOLA The Great Barrier Cream Fortifying Moisturiser $95

For ultimate moisturisation, COOLA’s The Great Barrier Cream Fortifying Moisturiser is a powerful yet lightweight organic cream enriched with California Sea Kelp actives and amino-acid rich Blue Algae extract, leave skin feeling resilient and hydrated.

The magically indulgent COOLA Moon Silk Moisture Recharging Mask blends Snow Mushroom and Kakadu Plum extracts for silky smooth, recharged skin. The COOLA Facial Mask Brush has been specifically designed to work with our Moon Silk Moisture Recharging Mask for an easy, even application that indulges your skin and senses.

COOLA Rewakening Rosewater Mist Face Spray $69

To give fatigued skin a midday antioxidant boost, COOLA’s Rewakening Rosewater Mist Face Spray uses adaptogenic Ginseng, Cucumber and Green Tea extract and vitamin-rich Damask Rosewater.

All products are infused with powerful antioxidants that help fight free radicals, while some offer Full Spectrum 360° complex, which protects from blue light, pollution and other environmental stressors that can affect your skin.

COOLA Organic Skincare is perfectly formulated to complement the existing suncare range, providing full SPF protection and skin nourishment when used together.

“The COOLA suncare range is celebrated for its high-performing, natural and luxurious formulas, and is an essential step in any daily skincare routine – with the addition of the Organic Skincare range, this means a truly 360-degree solution,” says Olivia.

This post was made in collaboration with COOLA.

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