Stina Randestad’s “very exciting approach” to design saw her awarded the prestigious top prize at the 2020 iD International Emerging Designer Awards during a glittering event at Otago Polytechnic.

A star-studded judging panel that included Margarita Robertson from NOM*d, fashion journalist Patty Huntington and iconic milliner Stephen Jones selected Stina Randestad out of 32 finalists in this year’s International Emerging Designer Awards competition.

Global travel restrictions forced the annual show online in an innovative first. Finalists from 14 countries filmed themselves and their collections, with the final film allowing viewers got to see them explain their designs and inspiration in their own environment.

Watch the full-length presentation here.

2020 iD International Emerging Designer Awards Winner: Stina Randestad

2020 iD International Emerging Designer Awards

Stina Randestad’s collection “Hybrids” swapped the design order to put fabric first. Her design process began with the question, “What happens when different materials are put together?”

Through trial and error, she discovered two fabric manipulation techniques that she continued working with; sewing stretchy and thick materials and cutting and layering materials. These new materials generated movement and expression when they were draped upon many bodies and from this exercise Stina was able to decide how the fabrics would work best in garments, switching the usual process.

According to a press release, judges’ commented that Stina’s collection was “Just subliminal, outstanding”; “Very exciting approach”; “Excellent use of colour”; “Amazing use of fabrics and the manipulation into garments, unexpected combinations created unexpected results” and “Wow! Amazing. Incredible movement, stunning textures, playful, modern, original.”

Second Place: Shrinvanti Roymoulik

2020 iD International Emerging Designer Awards

2020 iD International Emerging Designer Awards

Srinvanti Roy’s “Flowing Rhythm” collection stems from research around art therapy which explored the principles of rhythm and repetition. She then considered how rhythm and repetition manifest in textile and garment making. Textile art is formed through a process that generates responses in a body, with repetition eventually creating flow in design, which in turn becomes a reflective state of existence.

Judges’ comments about Shrinvanti’s collection included “Love, love, love, so beautiful, mystical, ethereal, historical”; “Makes me want to know more, to touch and wear them and inspect how they are made”; “Impressive sustainable sourcing of waste denim. Love the colours. Wearable yet fashion-forward” and “Extraordinary handwork, and interesting silhouettes.”

Third Place: Marlena Czak

2020 iD International Emerging Designer Awards

Marlena Czak’s intention was to use design to contrast sacred and profane. Therefore, “Why me, why me” contains unique fabrics, as well as ready-to-wear patterns. Needle felting with fabric cuttings is the designer’s own invention. This technique allowed her to make unique, double-faced fabrics. The left side is full of small after-production cuttings which she puts on the fabric and then pricks with a needle. The right side has fluffy fibres-embroidery. The technique gives a mix of different fibres and colours creating new visual effects. All this creates a vibrant effect which seems to be a never-ending spiritual experience. It took about 3000 hours to prepare fabrics for the collection.

Judges’ comments about Marlena’s collection included “Love the shapes Intriguing, unexpected”; “Great silhouettes and imaginative presentation” and “Loved the creation of the fabric and the use of both sides. Outstanding collection.”

People’s Choice

Now the professional jury has made its judgement, fashion lovers from across the world are being invited to vote for their favourite designer in the Otago Polytechnic People’s Choice Awards.

From Saturday 8 until Sunday 30 August, view the 2020 iD International Emerging Designer Awards video and vote for your favourite designer. The winner will be announced Monday 31 August.

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists!



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