Welcome to a better world where people care the most about the planet — and one another. A place where single-use plastics don’t exist and everyone mindfully reuses and recycles what they can to ensure our environment is preserved, beautiful and green.

Welcome to a warm spring day, where the scent of freshly washed linen and cut grass fills the air. A trip to the farmers market to get fresh oranges and tulips, perhaps stopping for a glass of champagne and a moment of thankfulness that the sun is out today.

This was the scene set at the Maggie Marylin SS20 show. Relaxed but bright and enlivening. Sun streamed through the glass ceiling at the Morningside Glasshouse as a fresh-faced Maggie Hewitt emerged to once again break the mould by delivering a speech before the presentation.

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She talked of success, and defined it as: “the achieving of the results wanted or hoped for.” But what it means to her as a millennial is making a difference beyond the scope of her label, Maggie Marilyn. Coming to the realisation that we have one generation to make the biggest difference ever achieved in history: a collective global shift in awareness and action, in order to safeguard the future for our planet and our children.

Hewitt’s sustainability ethos is no marketing ploy. She takes it very seriously and it is evidenced in every step of her supply chain; empowering those who work for her, whether that be directly or indirectly.

It’s great for the fashion industry to have this mindset instilled in one of its trailblazers, but talking of the interconnectedness of all things, Hewitt recognises it can’t be done alone. The message is inspired and then communicated through beautiful, sustainable and luxurious clothing.

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And with that, the sun shone through the ceiling and rays of light touched the models as they walked along the (real) grass runway.

Hues of sky blue, pastel pink and off-white silks are anchored with forest green and camel coloured cotton, reflecting Hewitt’s love for the environment, mirroring the surroundings she’s created for us.

Halter neck and spaghetti strap dresses evoke a ’90s vibe. Also on offer, classic necklines and long sleeves, catering for a wider demographic. This feeling of inclusivity is also represented by the models; a diverse cast of ethnicities, sizes and ages. Wide leg pants are the style of the moment and this is demonstrated in the suiting throughout. And the frill detailing is back, or more correctly, it never left. A nod to the playfulness Maggie Marilyn is known to evoke throughout her collections.

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Being a designer who has in three short years garnered an international audience and loyalists from celebrities to royals, it is so special to have the first Maggie Marilyn runway show in New Zealand as part of New Zealand Fashion Week 2019. This speaks volumes about the authenticity of the brand.

If we are taking anything away from the show it is sunshine, love and optimisim for a better future.

See the full collection in the gallery above. Copy & imagery by Tiana Grace for The Last Fashion Bible. All images © The Last Fashion Bible. Stay tuned for more NZFW 2019 updates.



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