It started in front of a small, curated audience. Sleek ambiance in an industrial setting. Minimal, paired-back, intimate. No more than the essentials were present at this presentation. We were all directed to focus on the purpose — the clothing.

Considered and environmentally conscious, the high level ethical and quality standards of the Benjamin Alexander brand is at the core of the entire concept. This is hugely a part of the virtue of not only the brand but Alexander himself.

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His less-is-more elegance translates with ease. Functional layers, berets and boots give off a luxe warm ambiance. Ruffling and billowing details, well refined. Cotton-covered buttons served as a reminder that the smallest details have been painstakingly thought through.

Neutral tones of camel, black and white anchored the collection. Classic plaid was renewed and refreshed in this collection with Alexander’s contemporary design aesthetic. Pieces are substantial; whoever is wearing them will have a presence.

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The billowing metallic dress conveys a comfortable elegance. But for me, the star of the show was a linen suit with utility pocket detail. Each suit piece worn alone would be understated, but worn together, make a statement. Wear it anytime, anywhere—  it is the perfect every-season outfit.

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Berets and Benjamin Alexander x Mi Piaci boots worn throughout complimented the elegant sophistication that is the Benjamin Alexander aesthetic.

The scene was simple, conservative in all the right ways.  The collection spoke for itself, feelings of exhilarating sophistication. From here it’s as if Alexander exists in a dimension of his own.

Words by Tiana Grace for The Last Fashion Bible.



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