Active apparel brand JAGGAD aims to create high performing, slick and contemporary designs. With a focus on quality fits complete with on-trend prints and bold colour palettes, JAGGAD is committed to not only designing garments that work hard but also look good.

Ex AFL football players Chris Judd and Steven Greene bought the then triathlon brand JAGGAD back in 2013. We spoke to Greene about the brand’s evolution into a fashion-forward sports performance brand that it is today, the influence of their AFL backgrounds and future collaboration projects.

What is JAGGAD?

We see JAGGAD as a health brand. Our sole purpose is to encourage women and men to live an active and healthy lifestyle with confidence. As founders we know we are better husbands, wives, parents, friends and colleagues when we are active and healthy and we want our community to feel the same.

JAGGAD recently launched in New Zealand. How is the NZ athleisure market different to Australia?

I see the markets so similar and we love when we are present in the New Zealand market. JAGGAD is all about movement and being outdoors and there is no better place in the world to live an active and healthy lifestyle in the outdoors than New Zealand.

We love New Zealand so much and have plans to do a big activation there in October 2019.

How has the brand evolved since you took over?

The purpose of empowerment and encouragement has never changed however we are now constantly activating/collaborating with amazing women, men and brands to help tell our story of health. We really believe in shared value and it makes this journey really rewarding and exciting.

How did you decide to move into sports apparel?

By mistake! Sport has always been a love of mine and business partner Chris Judd. We invested in JAGGAD before a design or strategy had been spoken of with the idea that we will just help with overall strategy. However, a few months later we couldn’t find someone to run it so I jumped into the role of leader. After five years and a million mistakes, I am really enjoying the challenge and being a part of a great team.

Coming from professional sports backgrounds, you would have an insight into the latest technical fabrics and construction methods for optimum performance. Do you have a favourite garment that you’ve produced? Why is it your favourite?

We have come from a professional background however our brand isn’t for the elite or elite athletes. We are talking to a market that is just being their best in a very busy life. So Chris and I just love that all our fabrics and shapes are really supportive and that you feel good and somewhat fashionable when wearing JAGGAD.

The real standout though is our tights. They are amazing for men and women. All have compression qualities, some of the fabrics are exclusive for JAGGAD from Italy and they last so long.

What comparisons are there between playing AFL and owning an apparel brand?

I learnt so much from professional sport. The biggest lessons I took from AFL is resilience, passion, persistence and always dream big.

How involved are you in the design process?

Very little. We have an amazing new designer Kayleigh and there is no need to get heavily involved. My wife (Bec Judd) who I founded JAGGAD with is our creative director and supports Kayleigh in the design process. However, the beauty of the JAGGAD team is everyone is so good at what they do, they own it, and in a design sense, Kayleigh is incredible.

You recently launched a collab with fitness and lifestyle blogger Laura Henshaw. How did that come about?

Shared value. Laura is such an inspiring young lady and her sole purpose day to day is encourage young women to be happier and healthier. Laura is our ambassador and we wanted to create a movement with her and decided to launch it around a range that she designed.

Any other future collabs planned?

We are about to launch a collab with an LA-based Rachel Barnes in April. Following that, we have Bec Judd #3 launching in NZ and following that, there will be many more. Watch this space.

How do you want people to feel in your gear?

So confident that they can attack any session that they love doing on a daily basis and at the same time they are looking pretty sharp.

What don’t you leave home without?

Regrettably, I am constantly attached to my phone. The joys of owning a business!

JAGGAD is now available in New Zealand at Stirling Women and online at



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