REVIE is a New Zealand-based footwear label established in 2014. Founder Katie Revie puts her architecture training to good use when designing the beautiful and luxurious footwear in her eponymous brand. We caught up with Revie to talk inspiration, sustainability and how her architecture training helps influence her design process.

TLFB: You utilise your architectural training to inform your design process and aesthetic. What parallels do you see between footwear and architecture?

Katie Revie: Architecture taught me a way of thinking. Concepts of construction and structure are inherent in both, and it is more a discussion of scale rather than function.

Both a building and a shoe house the body, therefore, both can be discussed as a form of Architecture — in different ways and different scales they are used to protect the body.

Aesthetically my designs utilise clean lines, natural shapes and textures to ultimately accentuate the natural curves and forms of the feminine.

What’s your starting point when designing a shoe?

Always sketching; it tends to be very conceptual to begin with and would probably just look like a scribble to most. I normally start by testing an idea about construction in correlation to form and then a back and forth before it becomes formalised and ready for prototyping.

Where do you go for inspiration when working on a new collection?

I look at old magazines, books, architecture, furniture design and draw parallels between. I am also an ardent second-hand shopper and I think this has ended up informing a lot of my designs, often giving them an underlying retro feel in a very organic manner.

How would you describe the REVIE woman?

The REVIE woman is confident, strong and ambitious. She aspires to design purity and doesn’t see the need for over-embellishment but would rather natural textures, shapes and beauty ground her and give her strength.

How important are natural materials in your work?

Natural materials are so important for us to work with. In footwear there is no material more fit for purpose than leather, it will give the shoe the longest possible life along with being gentler on your body. I use leather for our soles, lining and uppers. The organic qualities of leather allow for shoes to be repaired and cared for extending the products life.

How important is sustainability to you in the current eco-conscious climate?

I strive to produce products of integrity. Sustainability is at the core of this. Our shoes use the best possible materials for the function and utilise timeless design elements to create footwear that has the longest potential lifespan. I am constantly looking for ways to improve the design process and product.

What don’t you leave the house without?


What’s next for you?

Oh gosh, that’s a hard one especially coming into the New Year. There are lots of exciting plans in place for 2019 but I am yet to reveal so watch this space!

REVIE is footwear you can be proud to wear, made of quality for the modern day woman.



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