The Row’s Spring 2019 collection is about the careful and considered progression of the extreme volume play that the Olsens have been so beautifully considering these past few seasons, with much emphasis on exploring every kind of silk fabrication, quiet handwork (witness the gorgeous creamy white tweedy coat with the frayed edges rendered by nimble fingers), and all presented in a palette that gracefully arcs from ivory to sand, to charcoal, to black.

If fashion elsewhere is going full throttle into anything and everything that’s quote-unquote new, here the art of gentle recalibration is at work—a nudge forward that only underscores that these are clothes that are the absolute antithesis of fast. There are slip-on coats tailored to glide to the floor, billowing gazar dresses to be layered atop wide pants or full skirts, and robe-like gowns with regally upturned collars.



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