Karen Walker has delivered creative, vibrant and often surprising campaigns over the years, continuously pushing boundaries with diversity and what is considered beautiful.

Previous campaigns have featured brooms and balloons (Fantastique),  eyewear campaigns featuring older models (Forever) like the jewellery (Magic Hands) and eyewear collaborations with Ari Seth Cohen from Advanced Style.

Walker starred in the Transformer collection which is centred on the multiplicity of personas a woman has to “transform” into on a daily basis; in Walker’s case, designer, mother, wife, and boss.

The Mutiny campaign was modelled by the Karen Walker team with the idea that the crew has taken over.

The Visible campaign used Kenyan machinists, cutters, tailors, production managers and local tribespeople as models.

In our exclusive interview, Walker gives a personal insight into the creative diversity and appeal of doing things differently. “The questioning around ‘what is beauty’ is intrinsic to our brand and has been since day one,” says Walker. “Our idea of beauty is a personality or a talent, a sense of moxy… energy.”



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