Vogue dropped by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s (gorgeous) Los Angeles house for tea and the latest episode of 73 Questions—and brought along a balloon to celebrate her 31st birthday. No surprise, the supermodel, actress, and new mom was looking none the worse for wear after a big birthday dance party the Saturday night before. Maybe that’s because she works out every morning (she even dreams about spin class) and eats right (breakfast: boiled eggs, avocado on toast, apple cider vinegar, and water) and has beauty secrets at the ready.

On that front, Vogue got her go-to look, her must-have product, best facialist, and more. This Devon, England–born girl also loves Oasis (weighing in on Noel or Liam: “That’s quite a controversial question,” she warns) and has cockney slang down (thanks to fiancé Jason Statham). Her modelling motto: You’re the boss. She absolutely is.

Tiana Grace

Tiana Grace

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