Kmart has launched its brand new February Living range with plenty of colour, texture and soon-to-be cult items in the line-up. The latest design-led range spans bedding, furniture, interior and outdoor décor, dining, home storage and more, available at irresistibly low prices. From blush pink to earthy tones and metallic finishes, this season’s top three décor trends offer timeless and versatile pieces, set to refresh every room in the home with ease.


Combining pastel hues with pops of burgundy, shades of grey and gold, the Timeless trend adds warmth, comfort and a touch of glamour to any room.


The Natural trend reflects elements of nature and minimalist design with moody blues, darker woods and reactive glazes – creating a calm and luxurious space.


The Urban trend completes the new range pairing bold colours and shapes with gold, silver, black and charcoal surfaces.

Kmart Australia’s General Manager Living, Julie Miller-Sensini explained,

“We’re so excited to see this beautiful, new range come to life. With luxurious velvets, woven fabrics and natural look materials, the latest range is all about texture and our customers can get really creative and change the look and feel of any room.

At Kmart, we love to introduce exciting new designs and by creating our own unique styling, customers will be able to mix and match different colours and finishes, to create a rich, textural and cosy feel.” – Julie Miller-Sensini

Highlight products for the February Living range include the Blush Velvet Chair ($49), the Knot Cushion ($8), the Giselle Tassel Throw ($20) and the Floral Print ($19).



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