Just like fashion, the technology sector is ever-changing. In this day and age, in order for fashion companies and brands to stay on top of the latest trends and remain relevant within society, retail businesses are beginning to change their marketing strategies to target active social media and tech users. However, as technology develops and advances, social media will no longer be the only way companies are able to gain insights and reach their customers. To clue you in a bit more about what we mean, here are three reasons why technology is becoming the future of the fashion industry.

1.  Smartphone Use

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First, there was the feature on Facebook to upload videos, then there was Facebook Live, and now Facebook has created a feature which allows you to upload 360° videos. Retailers who are looking towards the future, and are looking to give their brands more coverage through social media will begin looking words creating videos for their online platforms, incorporating the 360° aspect, and creating a visual representation of their showrooms.

Having a 360° video of their showrooms on Facebook, and eventually, other social media platforms, allows users to experience their stores without having to physically be there.

2. Wearable Technology

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By wearable technology, we don’t mean glueing a laptop to your coat or sewing a cellphone to your jeans. Wearable technology has entered the fashion industry with such discretion that most people don’t even realise they are keeping up with the trends.

One of the most popular items of wearable (and fashionable) technology is the Apple Watch. Over 11.9million Apple Watches were sold in 2016, thereby creating a technological-fashion frenzy, worldwide. Nike has also begun incorporating technology into their brand. With the launch of Nike+ a few years ago, Nike has now developed technology that allows you to place a small device in your shoes which connects to an app on your phone, tracking your fitness and your exercise.

Every year technology is changing, and just when we think technological trends within the fashion industry cant get any better, they do. As technology advances, we are sure to see more changes appearing within the fashion industry, with designers constantly on the hunt for new and innovative ideas and inspiration, there is no telling what new ideas they will come up with.

3. Voice Technology

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Here’s some new information you may not have heard of before – By the year 2020, a prediction has been made that roughly half of all web searches will be done using voice or images as opposed to text. Apparel that is incorporating voice-recognition technology and is compatible with smartphones will become the more successful brands as technology develops.

It has been predicted that companies who allow their customers to browse and purchase items through using mic-activated devices are going to become brands consumers are more likely to purchase from due to the ease of use. If a consumer is able to browse for the fashion items they desire and purchase them all without having to make multiple clicks, this will be of a strong competitive advantage for the companies who allow their consumers to do so.


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