Living in the age of ever-advancing technology, using apps to organise your life is becoming a part of the everyday routine. Keeping up with the latest trends in fashion is becoming that much easier with fashion apps to help you purchase items, put together outfits, get style advice and inspiration, and discover new trends. Here are five fashion apps that you won’t be able to live without in 2018.

1. Screenshop

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The app made famous by Kim Kardashian West, Screenshop is an app for users to upload images they have taken a screenshot of, from Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or a photo from their camera roll, and upload it and allow the app to find similar matches to the items in the image. With over 400+ stores linked to Screenshop, you can purchase your item directly from the app in an instant.

2. Pose

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The fashion equivalent of Instagram, Pose is a mobile fashion app where users are encouraged to post their ‘fashion inspired’ images. Launching back in 2011, Pose is now accessible to iPhone and Android users. Encouraging users to post their favourite outfits to inspire others and gain inspiration, as well as being able to buy, sell and trade outfits, Pose now has over 1million users and has over 10,000 photos posted to the app.

3. ShopStyle

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ShopStyle is a fashion and lifestyle app designed for users to be able to buy clothes from all their favourite stores. ShopStyle allows users to search for their desired item and presents them with results from various stores, allowing them to compare prices. Over 18 million product options are available to browse through in ShopStyle and with brands such as Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Nike, this is an app you need to download.

4. Polyvore

If expanding your style is what you’re after, then Polyvore is the app you’ll need. The app begins with a quick quiz to understand more about your personal style, then creates suggestions about what items you might like to purchase. With the option to follow others whos style you like, as well as being able to put together your ideal outfit, this app will have you branching out your style in no time.

5. Stylect


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With over 350,000 shoe styles available to choose from, Stylect has been noted as the “Tinder for shoes”. The app lets you select the style of shoe you are looking for, and filters your search by size, colour and price range. The app also provides a search function for bags and dresses.


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