Angela Missoni hasn’t just inherited a great fashion archive; she has practically lived in it since she was a child.

“I have very clear memories from when I was 5 years old of, say, buttons of a specific shape, or trimmings made just so, or of shoes of a certain leather, of makeup and wigs from a precise collection. Our archive is just my life!”

While talking about the inspiration behind her new Pre-Fall collection she says, “It’s just instinctive. I don’t need to look at too many references; my filters are just my sensibility and my passions.” This free-flowing spirit was clearly expressed in the collection, which was assembled with a palpable sense of ease and creative fun.

Classic Missoni staples were given an urban folk vibe, as in long knitted wool dresses with a ’70s edge or a gorgeous cape hand-crocheted granny-style in little multicolored square patterns. The energy of color is a Missoni trademark, and it was celebrated with brio here.

A voluminous kidassia jacket was dyed in vibrant Technicolor shades and worn with logo jogging pants for a relaxed, sporty effect. An elongated bomber jacket was covered in multicolored curly paillettes; paired with a long plissé skirt in silk chiffon printed with micro-florals, it had a romantic, feminine look.

“I wanted to highlight the sensuality of textures and silhouettes, a touch of poetry,” said Missoni. Yet she introduced some masculine and sportswear-inspired elements to keep the mix balanced and current. Coats knitted with bright ikat jacquard patterns were cut amply, wrapping cozily around the body like luxurious bathrobes, while hooded knit capes were roomy and rectangular, with a hint of the ’90s.

Palazzo pants were easy, soft, and versatile. “I’m proud of being able to dress different generations of women and proud of being inclusive,” enthused Missoni. “Style and passion, they have no age.”

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