Prada Shoe Customisation

Published on 18 September 2015

By Tiana Grace

2015-09-18 10.31.48




Yesterday we had the pleasure of being invited to Prada’s Queen Street store in Auckland, New Zealand to view their annual Made to Order shoe collection. Being the first ones in New Zealand to see the shoes, naturally we were excited. Greeted with a glass of Louis Roederer at 11am, it was a bit earlier than we usually would but who are we to refuse such an exquisite combination of Prada, high heels and champagne? In the shoe department round tables were laid out with shoes, in all the colours you could imagine. Lizard skin and silks are a different interpretation than one would imagine of Prada, but the Ostrich, well, that was something we could certainly come to terms with! Lusting after the duck egg blue ostrich heels, we had to pull ourselves away for fear of doing something stupid (like handing over our credit card without asking for the price tag). The next table was the patent leather section, plain and texturised leather too. The classic black, navy and nude were there as usual but added were a myriad of colours and patterns; notably the patterns returning from the fall/winter ’03 ready-to-wear collection, and once again that beautiful subtle blue shade. Timeless as usual, we obviously couldn’t resist and tried these beauties on for size.


(Prada ’03, image courtesy of Vogue Italia)

The added colour customisation of the shoe sole and colour choice of Prada plaques (gold or silver) and then option to add monogram of you initials in 2-3 letters really made this temporary featured collection something not to pass up. And at an all inclusive price tag of NZD1115, we weren’t complaining. Although don’t bother to plan your outfit to wear with them just yet, the customisation process means they are made just for you and will take 90 days to arrive back in store with your name on them. We must now wait patiently through the next three months; remembering not to purchase another pair of duck egg blue shoes during spring/summer may be harder than it sounds. It will be worth the wait though, as we know all good things take time.