Mona Al Mansouri

Published on 31 August 2015

By Tiana Grace

Top and bottom picture from "Not So Stilletto" at Middle picture provided by The Fashion Festival's Media Portal:



Showcasing at The Fashion Festival, Bali 2015, Mona Al Mansouri had one particular look that I just could not take my eyes off. At first, it seemed like just another “princess” dress on her runway. How wrong I was. Later in the show the model whisked off her skirt and, voilà, a crazily embellished pink jumpsuit! I instantly imprinted on it, my heart was in love. As soon as I figure out when and where I can actually wear it, its totally mine (as the days of buying things that sit in the wardrobe with the tags still on are officially over).

We were intrigued by this one outfit in particular and wanted to see more of this kind of design, not just your average ball gown we saw for the rest of the show that day. We did our research. It turns out Mona Al Mansouri is more than just the first international Emirate fashion designer. She is a well recognised advocate for women’s leadership and empowerment in the Middle East and beyond. We at The Last Fashion Bible just love that, as do the United Nations, for whom Mansouri is a Goodwill Ambassador. After being rather impressed with all of this we found more of what we were looking for. The fashion. Here is our selection of favourites by the designer:

(Above & below photo credit: Mona Al Mansouri's official website:

Visions of decadently embellished pastel gives us nostalgia for that pastel blue Ellie Saab number seen on Katy Perry (Grammys 2012), but possibly, dear I say it? Better.

The embellished arm opening of the bubblegum green cape-dress in theory sounds tacky but Mansouri’s execution of it makes a colour I would never dream of wearing, desirable. That’s how you can tell she’s a master of her craft. That high neckline and split open front… Those transparent legs and feet hidden amongst lace, oh my.

Next the stunning blue dress with contrasted white detailing looks like aristocracy on LSD; the detailing floats on the dress like soft white clouds decorating the blue daytime sky. Silk bordering the train adds an aura to the model, intoxicating all those who dare to lay eyes in her direction.

A selection of neutrals is our usual go-to for any outfit. Keeping it classy in our final showcase by Mansouri is the most beautiful ensemble of earth toned gowns we ever remember seeing. Cinderella’s designer wishes she was on this level. The falling leaves are glistening on a sunny autumn day, high tea is served in the garden and the lady wearing the golden dress; her sh*t most certainly does not stink.