Danjyo Hiyoji

Published on 30 August 2015

By Tiana Grace


To us this collection is reminiscent of Alexander Wang in style and simplicity. Wang’s archetype for the bold cut shapes is inherent throughout the collection (intentional or not) shown at The Fashion Festival, Bali. Apparently Danjyo Hiyoji too has achieved its own cult following throughout South-East Asia. Although the collection has its own flair; in this collection notably through geometric shape forming a minimalist approach to design with a little bit of flavour added. In both its masculine and feminine aspects, the label is seamlessly co-ordinated, and as website who mainly covers female lines, we would honestly wear pieces from both the male and female both range. Perhaps this androgynous approach stems from the co-founders Dana Maulana and Liza Masitha being of the opposite sex.

Bold in style and delivery Danjyo Hiyoji has done a great job in conveying structure and minimalism with cuts and fabrics that are sure to maximise comfort and wearability.

“We push our limits in creating edgy clothing while still considering that tendency [for men to look for classic, timeless outfits], and hope that those who are initially hesitant will eventually be willing to pick more daring pieces.” – Dana Maulana

Cutout embellishments dare the fashion consumer to bring originality through decoration while models holding erect umbrellas and stomping the catwalk in platform booties gives the collection a subtly oriental feel. Recognised by Cleo and Elle magazines thus far, we wouldn’t be surprised if Danjyo Hiyoji broke onto the western fashion scene in the future.